Sound Bites: A Culinary Experience with the Ibis Quartet in Concert

Friday, August 24 from 7-9 pm

Join us for an evening elevating three Arts: food, music, and conversation. Not just a chamber music concert of a world-class string quartet, the Ibis Quartet, and not just an exploration of fine cuisine, but both, interspersed with the opportunity to engage with your fellow attendees.

Ibis Quartet is a string quartet based in Tampa Bay comprised of Rebecca Zapen (violin), Julie Tollen (violin), Lauren Collier (viola), and Ruth Kern (cello).

“Music is a spiritual experience for me in that it changes me from the inside. It may elicit a smile, a tear; settle me into peace, or elevate me to joy. Music challenges me via that inner voice that drives me to create, improvise, educate, and by the excellence and creativity of my peers. Through this drive I find that I am also supported, by the sounds and creations themselves, both my own and of my colleagues, and by the listeners and lovers of music.”

Rebecca Zapen, Musician