Trust Me: An ARTS46/4 Original Immersive Theatre Experience

Friday, July 20 from 7-9pm

No need for seats…First Unity’s whole campus becomes the stage for a one-of-a-kind theatrical adventure. With Trust Me, we set traditional theatrical conventions aside and get right into the action. Multi-location, multi-sensory, and anti-passivity, this is an evening of environmental, participatory storytelling. There’s no substitute for experiencing it live: trust me.

Trust Me is an ARTS46/4 original production, conceived and created by Vickie Daignault, Jan Neuberger, Angela Bond, and Becca McCoy.

“I think the purpose of theatre is to create empathy in both the audiences that view it and the people making it. Through theatre, we can see people who are different from us in every way, feeling things that we have felt before and going through things that we relate to. Despite all of our differences, we have a shared experience and we feel connected to them. We feel a little less alone in the world, and hopefully a little more open-minded and accepting of people who are different from us.”

Brianna Larson, Founder and Artistic Director of Theatre eXceptional
Theatre Exceptional