Tickets: $15 general

POV: The Seven Deadly Sins

Saturday, June 16 from 6-8pm

A curated exhibit of pieces from local artists will be on display. Seven writers on hand will be linked to one of the pieces of art and then given a writing prompt: one of the Seven Deadly Sins. They create an “Instant Ekphrastic,” (ekphrastic means “to use words to describe art”) which is then read aloud. Artists’ intentions meet viewers’ perspectives and get manipulated by a specific point-of-view: how does the interpretation of art shift when processed through a filter? What is darkness doing to our world view?

Featured artists to include D. YaeL Kelley, Zulu Painter, Jennifer Kosharek, Nathan Beard, Charlie Parker, Carrie Jadus, junk yard, Janos Enyedi, and Spathose. Writers to include young Arin Greenwood, Lisa Powers Tricomi, Heather Tinnaro, Elizabeth Brincklow, and Shelly Wilson.

The I AM Center is an art gallery, open after both services, and the art on display is for sale.

“To be an artist is to be a maker. I believe that is the closest we come to the understanding of god. For me Art is a conversation with the infinite. It is the act of opening yourself to the universe and truly listening.”

D. YaeL Kelley, Visual Artist

YaeL is represented locally by Red Cloud Gallery on Beach Drive, and will have work featured in the I AM Center in May and June